Entrepreneurship Trainings

Applied Entrepreneurship Trainings with different paths of development (the first part will be in line with KOSGEB training),  will be provided by KOSGEB accredited instructors.

Considering that the digitalization of a business is an important asset for accessibility to different customer segments and new markets, trainings on e-trade and digital marketing will be given to the attendants of applied entrepreneurship trainings.

All trainings are free of charge and will be announced on the website as open calls 6 weeks before the start date for each training. The interested young people will be able to apply online by filling in the application form of the training.

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 * Applied Entrepreneurship with Manufacturing Value Chain (total 80 hours)

* Applied Entrepreneurship with Service Value Chain (total 80 hours)

* E-trade (total 56 hours)

* Social Media and Digital Marketing (total 56 hours)

Successful participants will receive KOSGEB approved certificate at the end of the trainings for Applied Entrepreneurship.

Training Dates