About the Project

The project “Promoting Youth Employment Project in TRC3 Region”, developed with the financial assistance of the European Union, where the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, Directorate of European Union and Financial Assistance acts as the contracting authority and DİKA as the beneficiary is a concrete example of the change in the region.

The objective of the project is to increase policy capacity of local actors and stakeholders with the aim of enhancing skill levels of the youth through vocational training in numerous fields and supporting youth employment in Mardin, Batman, Siirt and Şırnak.

The Project entails training programs both towards young people and public institutions and other local stakeholders, such as social partners and social actors, and employers and their representatives.

The Project has been started on July 2020 and will end on June 2023.

Results to be achieved are:

  • to improve the Vocational skills of unemployed people such as women, young and disadvantaged persons, and employers in the TRC3 Region
  • to increase Institutional capacity of Tigris Development Agency, Universities and other relevant local actors from TRC3 Region to address youth employment issues
  • to enhance general public awareness in the TRC3 Region on youth employment issues

Geographical Scope of the Project

The project will be implemented in the four provinces of TRC3 region, Mardin, Batman, Şırnak, Siirt.

A consortium led by WEglobal has been established for the implementation of the Project. Consortium partners are composed of Archidata and the Federation of Cooperation in Trentino from Italy, Octigon from Slovakia and AYC Consultancy from Turkey.